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I am an ethnographer, researcher, writer, bicyclist, hiker (PCT 2013, AT 2008), Portland Thorns fan, sci-fi/fantasy reader, and novice ceramist. I live with my partner, Luke Olbrish, in Portland, Oregon.  » Bio « 

I also know how to write software; I have worked in technical support; and I used to design custom textiles, furniture, and print advertisements.  » CV & Resume « 

I currently research, write, and speak about people and technologies as a freelance consultant.  » encountering.tech « 

My latest project examines the labor conditions of platform and app-based workers. As a consultant for IG Metall, and in collaboration with Six Silberman, I am building out a website to communicate the results of our ongoing reseearch, and to provide a future venue for sharing worker stories.

Past projects archived on this site explore new technologies in the context of philanthropy and social change, microbial science, suburban family life, and the wilderness of the Pacific Crest Trail. I have published numerous research papers from these and other projects, which you can find linked on my CV.

I have taught college-level UX research and design at UC Irvine and I was a head teaching assistant for many years at Georgia Tech.  » Teaching «