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I am a resident of Portland, Oregon by way of California, New Mexico, Georgia, and the mountains. I thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013, and the Appalachian Trail in 2008.  » Bio « 

I am currently a research associate in the Department of Information Science at CU Boulder. I have a PhD in Information and Computer Science from the Department of Informatics at UC Irvine, and an MS in Human-Computer Interaction and BS in Computer Science both from Georgia Tech.  » CV « 

As a researcher, I study how computing technologies – and stories about them – matter for social life and knowledge-making. I generally bring an ethnographic approach to my work, although I also enjoy a little computer programming every once in a while…

Recent and ongoing projects include:

I taught a 113-student Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction course at UC Irvine, and was a teaching assistant in numerous courses on the social impacts of computing as well as computer programming at both UC Irvine and Georgia Tech  » Teaching « 

In various prior occupations, I have been a “Help Desk Clerk I” at the US Census, a user support engineer at Aditi Technologies (for Microsoft acquisition Tellme), a designer at Seret and Sons, a door to door canvasser and field organizer for the Public Interest Research Group and Clean Water Action, and a cashier at Publix supermarkets.

I was the webmaster (and implemented an entire custom theme) for the short-lived, but excellent online journal Method Quarterly and I also assist with website customizations for my cousin’s beekeeper-direct honey business Old Blue Raw Honey.