I am an ethnographer, technologist, teacher, writer, bicyclist, hiker (PCT 2013, AT 2008), Portland Thorns fan, sci-fi/fantasy reader, and novice ceramist.

I currently research, write, and speak about people and technologies as a freelance consultant.  » encountering.tech « 

A photo of me

Photo of my PCT finish!

A photo of writing-in-progress

I also know how to write software; I have worked in technical support; and I used to design custom textiles, furniture, and print advertisements.  » CV & Resume « 

I have experience teaching object oriented programming (at GA Tech) and human-computer interaction (at UC Irvine)  » Teaching « 

My research investigates user experience, work practice, and the broader social impacts of contemporary computing and design. I’ve studied: labor and the future of work, philanthropy and social change, microbial science, suburban family life, and possibilities for disconnection on the Pacific Crest Trail.  » Research « 

I live with my partner, Luke Olbrish, in Portland, Oregon.  » Bio «